Self Management of Passwords (SMOP)

is a fully web-based Active Directory tool that is easy and affordable.

SMOP allows you to offer self service password reset/unlock account ability for your users. It results in increased user productivity and reduced costs by eliminating password related help desk calls.


Self Management of Directory (SMOD)

is a fully web-based Active Directory tool that allows users to view and edit their own attributes and keep their information up to date.

SMOD is affordable, easy to implement, has rich administrative features.

Empower your users to keep their information
accurate with SMOD!

Self Service Update Directory

Customer Spotlight

Self Service Update Directory

We have implemented SMOP for staff to reset their passwords. It is a great product and it has reduced the time our helpdesk spends resetting passwords. As lots of staff after the holiday periods come back to work and have forgotten their passwords needing a password reset. I would recommend SMOP to other enterprises, corporations or governement who would like a seamless solution for users to reset or unlock their accounts.

Shane Morgan
TAFE NSW South Western Sydney Institute

How SMOP and SMOD Works

1a. User registers with SMOP by answering a set of challenge/response questions to correctly identify himself.
Self Service
Self Service of Password
1b. User forgets password or account gets locked out

Client Testimonials

Mobile Self Service Reset Password
SMOP has helped us in two ways: It has reduced our helpdesk calls by about 12% so far. More importantly... (More)
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