Self Management of Directory (SMOD)

An Overview

SMOD (Self Management of Directory) addresses the need to keep user information up to date in Active Directory. It allows the user to Self Manage the Active Directory attributes that are configured by the administrator.

SMOD is totally web-based, is trivial to implement, and very flexible.

Why use SMOD?

More and more products are relying on Active Directory to be the storehouse of user information such as employee ID, work, home, and mobile phone numbers, addresses et al. It is challenging to keep this information up to date for users.

Empowering and entrusting users to keep their own information current is an emerging trend in the dynamic I.T. landscape.

SMOD allows a rich set of administrative features that allow the I.T. organization to give users this level of capability while being secure, easy to deploy and manage, and easy for users to use.

SMOD Benefits:

Organizations can benefit from SMOD in the following ways:

  • Makes applications that rely on Active Directory run better by ensuring Active Directory has the correct information for users
  • Allows Active Directory to be used as a corporate white page service
  • Saves I.T. department time and effort and empowers users to become more self-managed.
  • Ensures increased accuracy of Global Address List in Exchange and Outlook
  • Allows Microsoft Sharepoint Portal to better use Active Directory for user information
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System Requirements:
  1. Windows 2003 Server or higher - 32 bit or 64 bit
  2. Microsoft Active Directory (Windows 2003 mode or higher)
  3. IIS 6 or higher
  4. .NET Framework 3.5 or higher (in 32 bit or 64 bit mode)
SMOD Features:
  1. Users can update information (such as phone number, address, display name) for their own user name in Active Directory
  2. Administrators can configure different categories of attributes and control which attributes show up in which category (extremely flexible!)
  3. Custom attributes can also be exposed (attributes from schema that has been extended by 3rd party products)
  4. Support for photo attributes
  5. Very rich administrator user interface to customize which attribute for users to set
  6. Administrator can exclude certain OU’s (organizational units) from being managed
  7. Supports multiple Active Directory domains
  8. Supports multiple administrators
  9. Supports SSL - Secure Sockets Layer (https)
  10. Easy (amazingly easy) installation,administration, and maintenance
  11. No database required
  12. Completely web-based (no software installed on user systems)
Self Management of Passwords

SMOP is totally web-based. It is trivial to implement and you can realize the benefits of using SMOP within hours!

It also supports SSL for added security, has great customization features, and also has a separate mobile optimized interface.

How SMOD Works

1. User tries to find phone number of another employee. But alas, the information is not up to date
2. SMOD is implemented to allow users to keep their information up to date

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