Helpdesk Cost Reduction Strategies

Learn growing trends in help desk efficiency and how to grab the low hanging fruit

Today's helpdesk serves an increasingly complex set of responsibilities. Many helpdesks are the “first point of contact” and expected to be the front line for all internal customer service issues. This presents a growing challenge on how to best utilize helpdesk personnel and how to employ technology to make the helpdesk function in a more cost effective manner. In this white paper from turbo-IT Corporation, learn some of the easy ways to cut costs on your helpdesk and free up helpdesk technicians’ time so it can be spent in a more productive manner.

This white paper discusses:

  • Common help desk tasks that can be automated
  • Importance of automating user password reset issues
  • Specific tools to automate reset passwords
  • Deployment strategies and implementation approach of self service reset password tools

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Self Management of Passwords

SMOP is totally web-based. It is trivial to implement and you can realize the benefits of using SMOP within hours!

It also supports SSL for added security, has great customization features, and also has a separate mobile optimized interface.

How SMOP Works

1a. User registers with SMOP by answering a set of challenge/response questions to correctly identify himself.
1b. User forgets password or account gets locked out

Client Testimonials

SMOP has helped us in two ways: It has reduced our helpdesk calls by about 12% so far. More importantly... (More)
We are very satisfied with the SMOP product. We used this tool in conjunction with... (More)
I am happy to recommend the turbo-IT product SMOP to others. It has been very easy for us to setup and administer. Users find it easy... (More)
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