SMOP 1.1 Press Release

turbo-IT Corporation releases upgrade to self service password reset tool SMOP (Self Management of Passwords)

IRVING, Texas — May 06, 2011 — turbo-IT Corporation today announced the release of a new version of its flagship product SMOP (Self Management of Passwords). The new version of SMOP incorporates mobile optimized screens for use with smart phones and other mobile devices. The new version of SMOP, version 1.1, also includes a feature that allows the administrator to separate the unlock account and reset password functionality.

SMOP helps enable customers to

  • perform self service password resets
  • unlock user accounts
  • change passwords - all through a simple web based interface for Microsoft Active Directory environments.

Customer Benefits

This benefits customers in two key ways:

  • users get back to work quickly and are more productive
  • helpdesk resources and time is saved.

"turbo-IT is excited to release a new version of SMOP that has new functionality that our customers have been asking for," said Mustafa Hamid of turbo-IT. "We are continuously striving to improve our product offering and this will deliver a better experience for our customers that have the need to use SMOP with mobile devices."

turbo-IT’s SMOP automates critical processes such as

  • Resetting of passwords for users
  • Unlocking users Active Directory accounts
  • Changing passwords

turbo-IT is a maker of web-based tools for Information Technology use. turbo-IT creates solutions that are easy to use, simple to implement, and affordable for organizations of all sizes. Our signature product is SMOP (Self Management of Passwords) - a tool for Microsoft Active Directory that allows users to

  • perform self service password resets
  • unlock their accounts
  • change passwords through a simple web based interface.

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Self Management of Passwords

SMOP is totally web-based. It is trivial to implement and you can realize the benefits of using SMOP within hours!

It also supports SSL for added security, has great customization features, and also has a separate mobile optimized interface.

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