FAQ  (SMOP Licensing & General) 

Q. Who is turbo-IT?
Q. What is SMOP?
Q. If I download the trial version, can I upgrade to the licensed version without destroying my registration data?
Q. Is the trial version fully functional?
Q. Can I use the trial version in production if I have less than 10 users?
Q. Why is SMOP better than other products that do the same thing?
Q. Why should I buy SMOP?
Q. Why should I allow users to reset their own passwords?
Q. After entering licensing key information, the license shows my company's name, but after a while (after IIS is restarted), the licensing reverts back to 10 users or back to evaluation mode.
Q. Why are you offering two licensing modes - yearly and perpetual?
Q. If I am an existing customer, is my perpetual license still valid?

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Self Management of Passwords

SMOP is totally web-based. It is trivial to implement and you can realize the benefits of using SMOP within hours!

It also supports SSL for added security, has great customization features, and also has a separate mobile optimized interface.

Client Testimonials

SMOP has helped us in two ways: It has reduced our helpdesk calls by about 12% so far. More importantly... (More)
We are very satisfied with the SMOP product. We used this tool in conjunction with... (More)
I am happy to recommend the turbo-IT product SMOP to others. It has been very easy for us to setup and administer. Users find it easy... (More)
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