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SMOP is licensed based on the number of users. Please see the following table and choose the appropriate license pack that will meet your needs.

Notes: If you already have a SMOP license, you can add more users by selecting an appropriate license pack ONLY for the additional number of users.

SMOP (Self Management of Passwords) - Yearly Subscription

Number of UsersPrice USD Per Year# of Years 
Subscription SMOP 1 - 250199.00
Subscription SMOP 251-500299.00
Subscription SMOP 501 - 1000499.00
Subscription SMOP 1001 - 2000699.00
Subscription SMOP - Unlimited899.00

IMPORTANT: Subscription model includes free upgrade to any future SMOP release and unlimited email based support. It also includes the command line utility that helps automate the bulk enrollment. Subscription can be bought for minimum of 1 year and maximum of 3 years.

SMOP (Self Management of Passwords) - Perpetual

Number of UsersPrice USD 
Perpetual SMOP 1-250549.00
Perpetual SMOP 251-500849.00
Perpetual SMOP 501-10001,199.00
Perpetual SMOP 1001-20001,899.00
Perpetual SMOP - Unlimited2,949.00

SMOP (Self Management of Passwords) - Upgrade/Other

Number of UsersPrice USD 
SMOP - Upgrade Less than 1000 Users299.00
SMOP - Upgrade More than 1000 Users499.00
SMOP - Automated Bulk Enrollment Utility499.00
SMOP Yearly Maintenance/Support - 1 - 500 Users99.00
SMOP Yearly Maintenance/Support - 501 - 2000 Users199.00
SMOP Yearly Maintenance/Support - Unlimited299.00

IMPORTANT: Yearly maintenance/support plan is applicable only for perpetual license. It entitles you to free upgrade to any future release of SMOP and unlimited email based support. It also includes the command line utility that helps automate the bulk enrollment.

Self Management of Passwords

SMOP is totally web-based. It is trivial to implement and you can realize the benefits of using SMOP within hours!

It also supports SSL for added security, has great customization features, and also has a separate mobile optimized interface.

How SMOP Works

1a. User registers with SMOP by answering a set of challenge/response questions to correctly identify himself.
1b. User forgets password or account gets locked out

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